Monday, August 14, 2006

NYC: Where Extra Time Is Dangerous

I'm going out to dinner with my family tonight. I will leave my office at some time around 6 O'Clock, and our reservation isn't until 7:30. I will probably go to a bar, because, well it's New York City and I'm not going to hang around times square looking at the signs for an hour (which I actually kind of enjoyed doing until a professor turned it into a project).

That gives me one and a half hours to kill. It will be happy hour. This could be bad. Luckily my trusty sidekick better half (I swear I typed that first babe) will be there to make sure I don't look like this guy.

But I know myself and, alas, I will probably embarass myself infront of friends and family. I just hope they all get a laugh at me so that my efforts are not in vain.

(Note To Self: Whatever you do say no to tequila, and champagne, and wine, just stick to beer and you will be fine you drunken fool)


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