Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Participated and You Don't Care

I voted today, and it made national news. That’s right, I voted in Connecticut, the place that it technically my home. Perhaps you heard the news, but our senator, Joe Lieberman, might lose the democratic primary to Ned Lamont. I voted for Lamont.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t use this space to post about politics, but ordinarily I am the only reader in this space, so fair is fair. Plus I’ve had a little to drink, and feel like it! So there!

The reason I voted for Lamont was mostly the war issue. Not entirely, but a good portion. I happen to feel that Lieberman is leaning toward a Zionist standpoint, which means he would do anything to protect Israel. Not that I want Israel destroyed, far from it, I just feel that Lieberman might risk American lives to protect Israel, which is not the job of a US Senator. Now that I got that off my chest, I should post something more light-hearted.

Ooo! I just read that Goodall is the NFL’s new comish! Good for him. Please, as your first order of business, take away the new flexible scheduling plan given to NBC. I happen to work part time at one of the two main networks that broadcasts NFL games (the one with Phil Simms, not Joe Buck). I would like to get a job there full time one day. They won’t have money for jobs if you take away the best games.

In other lighthearted news, Michelle Wie did something besides win an LPGA event and still people seem to write about it.


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Lamont won! Super job, young American voter!

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