Thursday, August 03, 2006

Drinking Games

It recently occured to me that drinking games are some of the most fun that can be had at the beginning of the night, or in the afternoon, or the morning, or pretty much whenever.

Drinking Games have also become the perfect way to turn any event into an excuse to get plastered. I mean, people play drinking games for the Oscars, any draft in any sport, Scooby Doo. Hell, there is even a drinking game out there for reading Bill Simmons' column. Reading! (alas, I can not find that link). If I am so inclined I may try to come up with a few of my favorite drinking games (not beruit, that antisocial party killing waste of space game that I only play if there are only four people in which case its a depressing party anyway).

AH HA! I have found the link with the Bill Simmons drinking game, along with several other ESPN themed games. Thanks Deadspin! Without further ado, udo, umm, without wating any longer, the ESPN drinking games!


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