Friday, July 28, 2006

Karaoke? Why not just cough naked?

I was drinking at a bar last night, because yesterday ended in "Y" (worst joke ever). At this particular bar it happened to be Karaoke Night. I've never understood karaoke. I personally can not sing at all, so that might be why. In fact, I would prefer to lock myself out of my dorm room naked freshman year as my preffered form of drunken public shaming.

Back to Karaokee, what I really don't get is why people enjoy singing other people's work so much. I mean, some of these people had awesome voices. Go start a fucking band! Why bother going to shitty bars and singing songs that other people wrote. Find some musicians, get your creative juices flowing. Why try to sound like a carbon coby of Scott Weiland (during the STP years of course, which apparently originally meant Shirley Temple's Pussy!) when you can actually try to do something different for a change. Have some originality, don't become a slave to man trying to make everyone dress the same and sing the same!


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