Friday, August 18, 2006

Great Weekend

The Yanks have a five game series against the Red Sox this weekend. This is probably the most important five game series of the season, it might even be the only five game series of the year. This is pretty damn nuts. As of right now its Yankees 1, Redsox nothing.

Good thing this Red Sock is hurt:

Some observations so far:

Damon led off the game with a triple, he was booed. He would eventually score

A Rod was also booed, leading Michael Kay to say "He must think this is a home game." Sometimes I hate Michael Kay. A Rod popped out.

Just found out it was 47 years since the Yanks and Socks had a five game series. Thanks Ken Singleton.

Wang had an uneventful first, but let two get into the outfield (one shallow and one deep) which could be cause for concern, but we'll see how it plays out.

Manny doesn't even look like he's playing baseball when he's in the outfield. He took his glove, FUCK, as I typed this he caugh a slow line drive off Jorge cause he was playing the field perfectly.

Craig Wilson said "I heard that these two teams don't like eachother or something like that" Ken Singleton told me it was a deadpan humour type thing.

I'll make one last observation as Melky comes up. FUCK! Lowell made an awesome catch into the Yankee dugout. Damnit.

UPDATE Damon hit a two run homerun, which was nice. Then Giambi hit an RBI single through the shift. I love seeing him hit through a shirt.

UPDATE A lot of other stuff happened ending with a 12-4 victory for the yanks. I hope they keep the momentum rolling into tonight, that would be very nice.


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