Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Something Doesn't Feel Right About This

I'm sure you've (as in my readers, as in myself) all heard about the World Trade Center Movie coming out. Well apparently this movie tested really well with teens. I read one quote that said, to paraphrase, "This movie made 9/11 feel real for me. It didn't seem real at the time."

Ok fine, it did well with teens. But this movie is not about marketing, right? It's about telling this incredibly story of these two Port Authority cops.

Apparently not. The movie has a MySpace page. I now give to you a comment from the myspace comments section for this movie. This comment is left by mmmBUTTER =], a 16 year old from "SAV912", wherever the fuck that is. She writes:
thys movie l0oks pimp. ima definitely see it!!

That's exactly what I think of when I think about 9/11. Not the people who's lives ended or were changed forever. I think of a "PIMP" story that "ima" see. Fuck.


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