Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Way Coaching Was Back in Your Day

There has been a recent trend in the sporting world. shitloads of coaches. Apparently these days you don't just need a few guys to run a team. You need a lot more. Former Jets coach Herman Edwards blames this phenomenon on one thing and one thing only (at least according to how far I actually read in the article). Headsets. This should not surprise anyone. Who wouldn't want to wear one of those headsets on the sidelines. Hell, if the Giants ask I'll be the defensive shoelace coordinator on third and long if get to wear a headset. Instead of delivering a football to some guy in the stands they should give him a headset if his seat gets picked. There's a serious untapped market for all of this, and we here at I'm Not Funny intend to explore it. We'll let our readers know as soon as we do, mostly because we are the only reader. ::sigh::


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